Advanced Radar Wind Profilers:

DeTect is the global leader in Radar Wind Profiler technologies with a full range of modern, state-of-the-art wind profiler products that includes the world's only network class Doppler radar wind profiler system.

Advanced Radar Wind Profilers:

The RAPTOR wind profiler technology from DeTect incorporates advanced software, high-speed processors, and more capable and as faster analog-to-digital converters (ADC's) with on-board full digital-down-converters. The RAPTOR new generation radar wind profilers are more reliable, more capable, and produce higher quality wind speed and profile measurement than conventional systems. RAPTOR uses the latest in digital processing technology and functionality delivering significantly improved system performance and reliability over legacy designs.

DeTect’s Meteorological Systems Group in Longmont, Colorado USA provides a broad range of experience in design, development, testing, installation, operation, maintenance, data analysis and support on operational and research wind profiler systems worldwide. This experience includes development and application of advanced signal processing techniques for wind profilers for government, aviation, aerospace and industrial clients.

Relevant experience also includes manufacture and installation of traditional coaxial-collinear (COCO) antennas for 50, 404, 449, and 482 MHz radar wind profilers and modernization of these older systems. DeTect also manufactures and supports the RAPTOR line that includes mesospheric, tropospheric and stratospheric systems and smaller boundary layer systems in a wide range of frequencies that includes trailered, mobile systems. RAPTOR technology can also be added as an upgrade to most OEM systems, including the LAP®-3000.

RAPTOR Radar Wind Profiler systems include the following models, frequency and power configurations:

  • FBS-MST 30-50 MHz Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Troposphere
  • FBS-STN 400-500 MHz Stratosphere Troposphere (Network Class)
  • FBS-TR 400-500 MHz Troposphere
  • XBS-TR 400-500 MHz Troposphere (fixed or mobile configurations)
  • VAD-BL 900-1300 MHz Parabolic Dish Boundary Layer (fixed high performance)
  • XBS-BL 900-1300 MHz Boundary Layer (fixed and mobile systems)
  • FMC-BL 900-1300 MHz Shipborne Boundary Layer (stabilized antenna system)
  • DBS-BL LAP-3000 Boundary Layer Upgrade

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