Atmospheric Profiling Solution

SmartTether is Anasphere'stethersonde system. A single low-cost receiver is able to address multiple modules attached to a blimp, kite or tether to gather atmospheric profiles in the lower troposphere. It is orders of magnitude faster and less expensive as compared to traditional tethersonde systems and allows users to collect data simultaneously at multiple points along a tether. SmartTether applications include boundary layer wind profiling, fire weather, pollution monitoring, emergency response and flux measurements.


  • SmartTether has the ability to capture data simultaneously at multiple points (no practical limit) along the tether
  • SmartTether is fast: up to 1Hz data rate
  • SmartTether is inexpensive

  • Applications

  • Boundary layer wind profiling
  • Fire weather
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Flux measurements