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Sound Level Meters & Noise Meters

Cirrus offers a range of Class 1 and Class 2 hand-held sound level meters and accessories to cover all noise measurement applications from simple noise tests to detailed noise analysis.

Our range of Sound Level Meters and Noise Meters spans simple instruments that provide the measurement of Sound Level, Integrating-Averaging instruments that provide Leq and occupational noise functions as well as precision data logging sound level meters with 1:1 & 1:3 real time octave band filters and in-measurement audio recording.

The Optimus Sound Level Meters use the very latest technology to provide instruments that are simple to use whilst giving you the measurement information that you need to make an effective noise measurement.

All of our sound level meters and noise meters can be supplied as a complete measurement kit which includes all of the options and accessories needed. The Optimus Green sound level meters can be used with an outdoor measurement kit which provides weather protection for the instrument and microphone, allowing measurements to be made over long periods outdoors.

  • Class 1 & Class 2 Sound Level Meters for all applications
  • Type Approved Sound Level Meters to IEC 61672 from the PTB, LNE & Applus+
  • Data Logging Sound Level Meters with up to 32GB of memory for sophisticated measurements
  • Integrating Sound Level Meters for Occupational Noise & Noise at Work
  • Octave Band Sound Level Meters for the selection of PPE & Noise Control
  • Sound Level Meters with 1:3 Octave Bands and Audio Recording for Environmental Noise
  • Vehicle Noise Sound Level Meter for measurements to ISO 5130
  • Simple Sound Level Meters for basic noise testing