Vibration Meter

We want to make safety at work easily achievable for everyone. That’s why we’re entering into the world of vibration with the new Revo™ Vibration Meter.

Now with handheld our noise and vibration meters, we’re putting safety at work in your hands.

Meet the Revo™ Vibration Meterfor Hand-Arm, Whole-Body and Machinery Vibration Monitoring

The Revo, like the rest of the Cirrus product range, boasts the same easy functionality to make vibration monitoring simple. You'll be able to capture vibration data for any application easily.

The Revo is ideal for monitoring hand-arm vibration and whole body vibration exposure, as well as vibration from passenger and merchant ships, machinery, vehicles and other vibrating structures.

Hand-Arm Vibration

The Revo Vibration Meter collects important vibration data to help you tackle Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVs or Vibration White Finger). This is caused by over-exposure to vibration from power tools, machinery and vehicles. The HSE estimates there could be up to 5 million sufferers in the UK alone.

Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is usually transmitted to drivers of tractors, fork lift trucks and other plant machinery. Vibrations from shocks and bumps travel through the seat into the driver, causing back pain. The Revo comes with accessories that allow you to assess the impact of whole body vibration easily.