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MP-Series Profilers

The rugged, lightweight and portable MP-3000A Microwave Profiler delivers continuous temperature and humidity profiles with radiosonde-equivalent assimilation accuracy, and liquid profiles. Compact patented design and methods ensure accurate long-term, all-weather performance; mature software generates a full suite of forecast tools and indices in familiar meteorological formats. Optimize local high-impact weather surveillance and prediction with profiling Radiometers from the industry leader. Single-band MP-2500A and MP-1500A radiometers use the same platform as the MP-3000A.

MP-3000A Temperature, Humidity and Liquid Profiler

  • 21 K-band (22 to 30 GHz) channels
  • 14 V-band (51 to 59 GHz) channels

  • MP-2500A Temperature Profiler

  • 14 V-band (51 to 59 GHz) channels
  • Upgradeable to MP-3000A

  • MP-1500A Water Vapor Profiler

  • 21 K-band (22 to 30 GHz) channels
  • Upgradeable to MP-3000A

  • Standard Features

  • Frequency Agility for Optimum Performance (patented)
  • All-Weather Rain Effect Mitigation (patented)
  • Elevation Scan for Optimum Boundary Layer Accuracy
  • Modular Field Replaceable Components

  • Accessories

  • Portable Non-Corroding Tripod with Telescoping Legs
  • Internal Infrared Sensor for Accurate Performance in Harsh Environments
  • VizMet-B Mature Graphic User Interface simplifies system operation and maintenance
  • RAOB software displays profiles and forecast indices in formats familiar to meteorologists
  • Azimuthal positioner
  • Extended cable lengths
  • 15 liter cryogenic calibration target
  • 25 liter nitrogen dewar

  • PR-Series Radiometers

    The PR-Series radiometers are often used in non-weather forecasting applications. The photo above is on Baffin Island, Canada, where measurements are being made in the ice pack with a pair of PR-Series radiometers.

    Among other things, customers use PR-Series radiometers, to remotely sense soil, sea, snow, ice and vegetation properties in frequency channels ranging from 1.4 to 89 GHz. Portable, modular, rugged PR-Series radiometers are ideal for accurate and reliable atmospheric and earth surface observations. They have been operated from aircraft, trailer, snowmobile and dogsled platforms. PR-Series radiometers of different bands can be used simultaneously to solve “custom” problems or collect research data.

    Satellite-based microwave observations are increasingly used for near-surface soil moisture, sea, snow, ice and vegetation remote sensing. PR-Series radiometers are ideal for calibration and validation of AMSR, SSMI, SMOS and proposed SMAP satellite observations, as well as other earth surface remote sensing applications.

    Single Polarization Radiometers

  • PR-2230, 22-30 GHz single-polarization, frequency synthesized radiometer
  • PR-8900, 89 GHz single-polarization, fixed-frequency radiometer

  • Dual Polarization Radiometers

  • PR-1475, 1.4 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer
  • PR-1065, 10.65 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer
  • PR-1900, 19 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer
  • PR-3700, 36.5 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer
  • PR-8900, 89 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer

  • Accessories:

  • Lightweight high-stability tripod
  • Heated dew blower assembly
  • Moog-Quickset QPT-90 positioner
  • Surface met station with tripod
  • NMEA4X control computer with UPS
  • Infrared thermometer (IRT)
  • GPS calendar clock synchronization and location stamps
  • External instrumented ambient target
  • Automatic dual target calibration system with software