HOGEN® Hydrogen Generation Systems for Meteorological Applications www.protononsite.com | T 203.949.8697 | F 203.949.8016 | Proton OnSite 10 Technology Drive Wallingford, CT 06492 | customerservice@protononsite.com In meteorological applications, hydrogen is used as a lift gas where helium is unavailable or prohibitively expensive. HOGEN® hydrogen generation systems are ideally suited to producing hydrogen at its point of use, using only electricity and water to provide hydrogen at 200 psig pressure without the need for mechanical compression.

HOGEN S Series Hydrogen Generator Features & Benefits Light weight and compact for easy shipment and installation Can be moved by hand without power equipment Air freight possible - no hazardous chemicals and small enough to fit through a small plane door Minimal annual maintenance No compressor to operate, leak or maintain Uses modern proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology - no liquid electrolyte necessary Optional internet and modern remote telemetry Higher pressure capability can yield greater hydrogen capacity from your existing hydrogen tank All stainless steel cabinetry for enhanced durability Fully-automated operation for highest operator productivity Highly-pure hydrogen for greatest buoyancy Specifications Summary specifications. Specifications are subject to change. For full technical specifications, contact.

S10, S20, S40, S-Series HP

Hydrogen S-Series generators utilize a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell stack and PSA technology to produce ultra-high purity hydrogen for various applications; some of which include materials processing, generator cooling and semiconductor fabrication, laboratory applications, meteorological balloon filling, etc. S-Series hydrogen generators produce the equivalent of four cylinders of better-than-UHP grade hydrogen every day, which help many industries eliminate costs associated with delivery and use of hydrogen. Hogen


  • Auto fill water level control
  • Compact size and quiet operation
  • Water monitoring system including purity monitor
  • Automatic production control
  • System senses demand and adjusts production rate
  • Purge airflow monitoring system assures safe operation
  • Automatic leak detection system
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Non hazardous.
  • Vent out oxygen in atmosphere.