HS40 Series II Water Level Sensing System

The HS40 Series II Gas Purge Compressor Constant Bubble System has been designed to replace conventional nitrogen gas bottle supply to bubble units / gas purge systems, used for measuring water level in dams, rivers, canals and tanks with up to 40 mH2O (130 ft) head.

The basic system consists of an air compressor, a 2 litre receiving tank, an advanced membrane filter dryer, micro mist separator with an auto purge valve, and a bubbler system all built into a single small enclosure. The system continually monitors the tank pressure and when it falls below 400kPa (58 psi) [±20%], the compressor will start and pump the tank pressure back up to 750kPa (110psi) [±20%].

The HS40 Series II, with the optional inbuilt WL3100 pressure transducer, allows the measurement of water level to an accuracy of ±0.02% F.S. (The WL3100A is an advanced model that allows the fine tuning of the “user factor” relationship between pressure and water level, and is temperature compensated from –40oC to 80oC) The inbuilt WL3100 / WL3100A have an SDI-12 interface and a 4-20mA interface that can be used at the same time to provide data to 2 separate systems if required.

Vented Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor

HyQuest Solutions’ vented hydrostatic pressure sensor VHPS is a programmable submersible level transmitter for measuring water level and temperature in groundwater and surface water. It is low power, robust, and especially designed for use in harsh environments, ensuring longterm measurement stability.

The VHPS provides very accurate results: The sensor is vented and automatically self-compensates for barometric pressure changes, i.e. it eliminates errors up to several inches that can be caused by pressure changes. Additionally temperature compensation is calculated from the measured water temperature. Capillary is integrated into the sensor cable with moisture filter at the open end (optional, see flipside). The fast reacting membrane technology of the VHPS provides long-term measurement stability.

Special attention was paid to robustness: The pressure cell is resistant to physical force (3 x burst pressure). The VHPS can be deployed in a variety of environments including natural and grey waters, drinkable water, saltwater and oil polluted waters. You can choose between stainless steel and titanium enclosures, and between three types of cable materials.

Equipped with an SDI-12 interface, the VHPS is easily connected to data loggers, and can be configured using standard SDI-12 commands. In addition, SDI-12 is the best choice for low-power applications.

HS40 Compact Water Level Sensing System

Based on the proven constant bubble methodology of its predecessors (and significantly smaller in size and weight), the HS40 Compact water level sensing system is offered in the following models:

  • HS40AFC : stand-alone unit
  • HS40AFC/2100 : with inbuilt WL2100D sensor
  • HS40AFC/3100 : with inbuilt WL3100 sensor
  • HS40AFC/3100/V : with inbuilt WL3100 sensor and stainless steel 'auto-purge' air dryer
  • HS40AFC/3100A : with inbuilt WL3100A sensor

  • Features:

  • Unlike its competitors, the Compact is a fully self-contained system utilising a fully automatic and desiccant free industrial Grade Advanced Membrane air dryer and micro mist separator with auto drain function.
  • The system requires minimal maintenance, without the need for regular maintenance of the air dryer (e.g. replacement of desiccant crystals.)
  • The Compact is offered as a standalone system where the user prefers to provide their own pressure sensor or can be offered with the fully temperature compensated Model WL2100D or WL3100 sensor range offered by HyQuest Solutions.
  • The Compact is a reliable and user friendly system, without the need for any specialized software.
  • The industrial strength compressor pump will ensure many years of trouble free operation.
  • The unit is suitable for accurate and reliable sensing of water level for the applications of surface water, estuary, reservoir/dam level and ground water.
  • A full range of accessory items are available as options with other options such as dual instrument and dual orifice also available.

  • Water Flow

    LVQ-15 / LVQ-35 Non-Contact Discharge Radar Sensor

    HyQuest Solutions’ LVQ-15 and LVQ-35 are sensors for continuous discharge measurement of rivers, open channels and canals with known cross-section profile. The sensors use innovative radar technology to measure velocity, water level and discharge. They enable reliable, non-contact measurement without the need for structural work in the water.

    Thanks to the non-contact radar technology the LVQ is not susceptible to contamination, debris or driftwood in the water. Furthermore, the non-contact measurement ensures very low maintenance and fail-safe operation especially during high water or flooding.

    The LVQ can be simply mounted on bridges, on the roofs of closed canals or channel superstructures. Depending on the properties of the water surface the device can be installed in a height of 0.5 to 35 m. LVQ is available in two versions:

  • LVQ-15: water levels from 0 to 15 meters
  • LVQ-35: water levels from 0 to 35 meters
  • The measurable velocity range is between 0.10 and 15 m/s. Additionally the direction of flow is detected, enabling the operation in tide influenced rivers.

    SVS Non-Contact Surface Velocity Sensor

    HyQuest Solutions’ SVS is a contact-free surface velocity sensor for open channels and rivers. The sensor uses innovative radar technology and enables reliable, non-contact measurement without the need for structural work in the water.

    With its very low power consumption, its high reliability and low maintenance SVS enables the permanent recording of the flow velocity of open channels for long periods of time. It is the ideal sensor for 24/7 monitoring surface water velocity especially in unattended areas. Because contact-free water velocity measurements are unaffected by sediments, mud and floating refuse, the SVS provides accurate results even in flooding situations.

    SVS is easily mounted on bridges, ceilings of closed channels or any superstructures of the channel. Depending on the condition of the water surface, the device can be installed in a height of 0.5 to 130 m.

    Measuring principle

    The SVS transmits a a radar signal to the water surface (at a 60° angle) and receives the reflected signal. By analyzing and comparing both signals the water surface velocity can be derived (principle of Doppler frequency shift). To provide reliable data, a minimum wave height of at least 3 mm is required.

    Setting and configuration of the SVS can be easily and conveniently done on a PC or laptop via standard terminal programs


  • Surface Water Velocity Measurement
  • Natural Open Waters
  • Open Channels
  • Water Flow

  • Amergraph Cable

    This cable is commonly used for stream gauging. It is a double purpose cable which is specially constructed to permit the suspension in the stream of the current meter and heavy Columbus weights, and at the same time provide a medium through which the meter signals are carried to a counting device.

    The Amergraph Cable consists of an insulated inner core of 6 copper and 6 stainless steel wires wound to the left, whilst the outer strands consist of 15 galvanised wires wound to the right. Alternatively a single galvanised wire tape cable can be used for supporting the weight and meter and acting as a return wire whilst an additional external bell type wire is then required as the other leg of the circuit.


    The Amergraph Cable is especially suitable for

  • Suspending the current meter and Columbus pattern weight in the stream
  • Providing a medium to conduct current meter signals to a current meter revolution counter
  • OSS-PC1 Pygmy Current Meter

    The OSSPC1 Miniature Current Meter is a world recognised instrument for measuring the velocity of water in shallow open and closed channels. Made of durable materials, the OSSPC1 is suitable for extreme environments and with proper care and maintenance will ensure many years of reliable operation for the hydrographer.

    Main Features

  • Streamlined and robust body and fan assembly
  • Anodised aluminium fans (3 types available)
  • Encapsulated magnetic reed switch ensuring reliability and a 'clean' contact signal
  • Minimum start velocity of 0.025/sec
  • Maximum velocity of 6m/sec
  • High accuracy (+/-1%)
  • Direct velocity displayed when used with CMCSp. PVD100 or PVD200 counters
  • Easily deployed on standard wading rods (supplied with standard kit) and top setting rods
  • Calibration undertaken in conformance with IS03455-2007

  • Current Meter Counter Model CMC20A

    The Model CMC20A is an enhanced version of our proven Model CMC20 which is used with the majority of mechanical current meters. The CMC20A is a self-contained instrument featuring microprocessor control circuitry, a quartz time base and a high temperature liquid crystal display.

    The counter is powered by 6 x AA size alkaline batteries. Battery voltage below 5.8 volts is indicated by the display of decimal points. An internal buzzer sounds at each contact closure during the timing period to indicate correct operation. The display on the CMC20A gives continuous indication of the pulse count during the course of the reading period - and indicates with a resolution of 1 to a maximum of 9999 counts.

    Main Features

  • Accurate Timing - The timer starts at the first contact closure
  • User selectable contact debounce time
  • Counts up to 40 pulses per second
  • Battery voltage displayed on power up
  • High temperature LCD display
  • Designed to USGS specifications
  • Robust construction & adjustable neck strap

  • Current Meter Counter Model PVD200

    The HyQuest Solutions Point Velocity Display (PVD200) is a small electronic device that can be used to measure flow velocity from most any mechanically rotating current meter. A superior feature of the PVD200 is its ability to "clean" the signal and interface directly to a HydroTab tablet, or other computing device and provide serial data that can be used by the external device to compute discharge. Meters using a cat whisker head and ball and wire contact to perform a mechanical switch closure can be used with the PVD200 to produce a clean, noise-free signal. To measure and compute velocity, the PVD200 provides a User Serial Interface Program (USIP). This USIP is used to enter the rating of the current meter and can support up to two meters with each meter having up to three rating equations with three rotations/sec ranges.

    Main Features

  • Direct Velocity Reading
  • Digitally processes and ‘cleans’ signals from Catwhisker and Magnetic Head Meters
  • Operates with three ‘AA’ batteries
  • Works in high conductivity water( > 50,000μSiemens)
  • Self contained unit with 128 x 64 backlit LCD display showing total meter counts and elapsed time
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • Also operates with any HydroTab table or Field Computer
  • Fully compatible with USGS QCALC Discharge Measurement Software
  • Fully self calibrating
  • Can be used to adjust Current Meter contacts (measures meter ‘Dwell Angle’)
  • Can display and produce ‘Spin Test’ record
  • When used with the GFD (Ground Feeler Device) an audible beep is produced to alert the hydrographer when the Columbus weight makes contact with the stream bed.
  • Available as neck or Top Set Rod mounted options

  • Current Meter Counter Model CMCbt

    The CMCbt is a Bluetooth Current Meter Counter that provides an interface between any rotating mechanical Current Meter and a user interface such as the HydroTab Application running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active. The CMCbt is also used to totalise the number of tips when used in conjunction with the Field Calibration Device and the FCD_APP calibration software on a samsung galaxy or a smart phone. The CMCbt is similar to the CMCsp, PVD100 and PVD200 except it doesn’t have an LCD display – so all settings and operation must occur through the Bluetooth interface.

  • Small and Compact
  • Self calibrating no adjustment or calibration is required
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Used in conjunction with Hydrotab application on Samsung Active Tab for current meters
  • Used in conjunction with the FCD_APP on Samsung Active Tab or Android Smart Phone

  • Current Meter Counters Model CMCsp

    The Hyquest Solutions Current Meter Counter Signal Processor (CMCsp) is a small electronic device used to clean the signal from a mechanically rotating current meter such as a Price AA or Pygmy meter and directly reads the velocity on the LCD as well as interfacing to a PDA for computation of velocity and discharge. Meters using a cat whisker head and ball and wire contact to perform a mechanical switch closure can be used with the CMCsp to produce a clean, noise-free signal.

    Main Features

  • • Direct Velocity Reading
  • • Digitally processes and ‘cleans’ signals from Catwhisker and Magnetic Head Meters
  • • Operates with two ‘AA’ batteries
  • • Works in high conductivity water( > 50,000µSiemens)
  • • Self contained unit with 2 x 8 character LCD display showing total meter counts and elapsed time
  • • Integrated Bluetooth Interface and RS232 Interface
  • • Also operates with any Palm, PocketPC, or Field Computer.
  • • Signal Driver for AquaCalc(s), Sutron DMX and HyQuest Solutions CMC Series Meter Counters
  • • Fully compatible with USGS QCALC Discharge Measurement Software
  • • Fully self calibrating
  • • ‘Self Test’ for Serial Interface setup
  • • Can be used to adjust Current Meter contacts (measures meter ‘Dwell Angle’)
  • • Can display and produce ‘Spin Test’ record