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Water level and temperature

DS-22 / DS-T 22

DS-22 and DS-T 22 sensors for water level and temperature measurements. High accuracy (< 0,1%). outputs: 0-1V, 0/4-20 mA od

Encoder LevelSense

The SEBA LevelSense is a system for aquisition of water level deviations in ground- and surface water. Because of its easy handling and the convincing cost/performance ratio it is outstandingly useful for economic modernization of existing measuring sites.

Water quality

multiparameter sensor MPS-D8

13 parameters can be measured: water level, °C, conductivity, salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+ and turbidity. For use with data logger MDS-5.

Multiparameter Sensor MPS-K16

Up to 17 parameters can be measured: Water level, °C, Conductivity, Salinity, O2, pH, ORP, NH3, NO3-, Cl-, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+, F-, K+, Turbidity, Chl a, Cyano Bacteria and Rhodamine WT. For use with data logger MDS-5.

Data Logger

UnilogLight R

The UnilogLight R of the new UnilogLight family is the successor of the RDS-2 - a low cost and compact rain logger for rain gauge measurement systems with tipping bucket rain gauges of type RG 50, RG 100 or weighing rain gauge system TRW. It is fully maintenance free with LC-display and real time clock.


The new UnilogLight is the ultimate, flexible data logger within the SEBA Universal Logger family. It is an economic, all-purpose data logging system for various appications in the field of hydrology and meteorology. It was especially developed for digital and analogue SEBA sensors (e.g. LevelSense, RG50/RG100m, DS22)


Data logger for water level and temperature monitoring with vented cable for direct air pressure compensation. In combination with SEBA SlimCom you can upgrade this unit with an easy data transfer solution.

PS-Light 2 Bubbler

The intelligent bubbler device measures water level fluctuations in rivers, channels and reservoirs. As sensor with galvanically separated outputs (4-20 mA, Gray, BCD code) or with integrated data logger and GSM/GPRS modem.

Measuring range: 0-10, 20, 30, 50, 70 m (with 1 cm accuracy).


The SEBA-data logger Dipper-APT provides automatic groundwater measurements of water level and temperature. It is suitable for wells as slim as 1''. Its installation is cost effective and in combination of just one Baro-Dipper the measurements can be barometrically compensated with the aid of DEMASdb software. - We are happy to provide solutions to your specific requirements.

Water Level Recorders

Traditional water level recorder Alpha

For continuous ground water level recording on charts.

Strip Chart Recorder type DELTA

Robust and reliable float operated chart recorder for water level recording in rivers.

Pneumatic Gauge type DELTA-PS

  • High accurate bubbler system with strip chart recorder and output signal.
  • Range: 0-2,5 m; 0-7 m; 0-10 m.
  • Accuracy: +/- 0,05 %.
  • Non linearity and temperature influence are microprocessor compensated.
  • HORIZONTAL Chart Recorder type XI

    For continous recording of water level fluctuations in rivers and lakes.