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Professional stations according to guidelines of WMO (World Meteorological Organization) for weather monitoring in all its variants including agricultural meteorology which provides for specific measures and algorithms of forecasting and prevention diseases. The sensors are installed according to the WMO at 2 m or 10 m on a pole or lattice calculated to withstand to winds up to 75 m / s (hurricane Cat.5th - Saffir-Simpson). These stations can accommodate different sensors in type and number, and transmit the data via cable, radio, satellite etc. Already configured and arranged for the acquisition and processing of data and open to each subsequent implementation.

Weather Station for different application:

ST-AGRO Stations are designed specifically for applications in agro-meteorological field, in order to determine and monitor all the variables necessary to establish the conditions for plant growth and possible diseases. Their use facilitates, for example, the determination of pesticide interventions, rather than the management of irrigation systems, planting, frost risk assessment and the time of harvest. The stations are made with equipment produced by Nesa, installed in accordance with specific criteria that take into account the position and the necessary requirements also dictated by the WMO standards for this type of application.

All sensors are made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measure, and can be certified, together with the measurement chain, which refer to the acquired data. The potential of the datalogger series TMF, not only allow for easy management of the unit both locally and remotely without the use of specific software, but also give the ability to monitor real-time data in both graphical and numerical format that can enable certain devices in case of alarm (anti-frost systems, irrigation, etc.) or remote-alert by SMS if any phone numbers available.


The stations are made in accordance with the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) Annex 8 norms, and are used for forecasting purposes. All equipment and installation are then executed in compliance with International norms.

Support structures (poles) in anodized aluminum anti-corrosion, easy transport to facilitate installation even in the most inaccessible areas, where there are access difficulties.

The low-power consumption allows a long power autonomy even with a small solar panel of 20W. The connection via GPRS, radio, satellite, etc., are used to simple manage data and datalogger, even remotely, via common web browser, without the aid of specific software.



Camera (optional), other sensors


Meteorology, Agro-meteorology, Civil Protection, Forecast services

All-in-one solution with satisfaction guarantee

These modern and economical sensors, combined with high-performance communication technology, guarantee unrestricted availability of the measured environmental parameters, in addition to reliable and precise measurement data. For almost every application, weoffers a standardized environmental measurement station. As a matter of course, we like to realize your individual requests!

Features and advantages

  • environmental measurement stations are completely preconfigured
  • easy installation and the wiring needs minimal effort
  • sensors are extraordinarily precise and durable
  • data storage lasts for a whole year
  • minimal maintenance costs due to best product quality
  • continuous data transfer protects against data loss
  • evaluation software and cable are included in scope of delivery