• The Reliable Brand
    A provider of environmental monitoring solutions
    The Thermodynamic Profiler
    Continuous Temperature, Humidity and Liquid Sounding
    Proven All-Weather Accuracy and Reliability
    Application includes:
    Predicting Convective Initiation
    Wind Energy Management
    Utility Lord Forecasting
    Weather Modification
  • Doppler Weather
    Radar system
    C-Band Radar
    S-Band Radar
    X-Band Radar
    Wind Shear
    Rain Scanner
  • sound level meter &
    airportnoise monitor
  • upper air sounding
    system gps based
  • Automatic Weather
    Automatic precipitation collectors
    Meteorological Automatic Weather Station

About US

Pollution Equipment & Controls was Established in the year 1986 and it is Managed by the Group of Professionals With vast experience spanning of more than 29 to 30 years individually.

Our corporate philosophy is "RELY ON US AS WE RELY ON OUR EXPERIENCE".

PEC has been in the forefront of meeting the challenges in the field of environmental monitoring applications by providing the latest state of art technological equipment with appropriate solutions.

We specialize in the turnkey projects and its solutions in the field of Meteorology, Hydrology, Air & Noise Measuring Instruments, Sun Photometer, Lidar, Doppler Weather Radar, Upper Air Program and Lighting Network Solutions etc Applications Are Our Core area of Specialization.

All the products have been listed under the products and we hope you will find the same interested and solicit your esteemed enquiries which will receive our utmost attention.

We Can also Provide Customized Solution.